Are you fed up with having cold hands – at any time of the year ?

Are you wishing you could keep your hands out of the cold wind?

Do you get fed up with putting on and taking off your Mittens or Gloves?

If you are saying “yes” to the above, your answer could be …..

a “GOLF TROLLEY GLOVE“, which attaches to your Trolley, so you just slide your hands in and out. You can then concentrate on your shot, instead of where to put your gloves each time!

Just wrap your “GOLF TROLLEY GLOVE” around the “T” shaped handle and seal with the velcro
If you have a cup / umbrella holder attached to the right side of your trolley, undo the velcro and wrap it around the holder – being velcro it can be adjusted, depending on where the holder is fixed.
With your “GOLF TROLLEY GLOVE” fixed securely to your Trolley, you’re ready to enjoy your game. With a thick fleece lining, your hands will stay warmer. You can even pop a warmer inside, to make it extra snug.

I’ve used my “GOLF TROLLEY GLOVE” outside in the rain, sleet and snow – and it has remained dry inside – apart from putting my wet hands in, of course!

In knock-out competitions in the Winter, my opposition have complained of cold hands, pushing their trolleys, but I have kept my hands warm and dry. I do have a little pocket warmer, which I hang onto my handle, which makes my hands really snug !

These “GOLF TROLLEY GLOVES” are currently sold on Ebay, but watch this space, as I hope to sell them here, on my website, very soon!